Thursday, August 19, 2010

We must put our heart and soul in our work.
But heart is not much different from soul except that the heart has a physical presence while Soul has a spiritual presence.
Don't waste time.... if u do , then you wont feel the passing of time ....
it makes you feel as if Saturday and Sunday got deleted from the calender!!
You will be afraid that the girl u love the most will be carried away by a person smarter and braver than you.but...... no... that doesn't happen. That girl may end with a guy whom you would have never imagined. he may be a person wearing thick glasses, sporting oily hair with lil protruding teeth. he maybe so timid that he would even lie about his whereabouts. but its not the time for you to regret, instead you must rejoice!!. that's what she deserves!! why worry??!!...........

Monday, August 16, 2010

Life cannot be a boat sailing in the ocean.
because, life is a fish living in the ocean....!!
Knowledge can become wealth when wealth can become Knowledge.
Ever heard of paying donations at collages??.........

When Health is wealth, even wealth can be Health. Ever heard of people saving all the money they earned during their lifetime for their healthcare??
The worst fool is the one who makes a fool of himself!!.......

Monday, August 9, 2010

"It TaKes A MoMeNT To LoVe SomEoNE
................BuT It TaKEs A MonTh To FoRGeT ThAT PeRsOn!!"

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Of late i have realised many a things. One of the most serious thing that i have learnt is, India is not a country with broad minded people. When you get introduced to a set of people, you tend to treat everybody as the same. along with you many other people may get introduced to that particular person. But they may be closer to that particular person than you expect to be. when you are left in a spot, that person may support the lesser known guy instead of you. There are many reasons behind this. But the most known reason is that they are of the same cast. i am really ashamed to call these chaps my friend, for i hate to see such things even in friendship. I used to treat everybody as my friends and talk well with everybody until i had this experience. Once, my friend left me in a problem by telling a lot of lies about me. But at last i managed to rescue myself from a heard of pigs....!! 
pigs stink u know!! The next day when that person narrated the whole episode to his gang of friends [ironically they happened to be mine too] they immediately started showing off that they would beat me black and blue that day. i started fuming. i did not get angry because they planned to hit me. well, if someone does, i know how to take care of them. but i felt angry because the ppl whom i treated as my good friends were turning against me. i was very determined to find out the cause.Finally i did!!.... it was because they were from the same cast.......!!
The climax is  so boring..........u may think!!
yeah it is.... but the matter is not....atleast for me. its an eye opener. a lot of guys on meeting you for the first time ever in life may boast about themselves. they may tell you that they will get many people to help you. remember that they may say the same to everyone they meet. so they may not keep their word. i just want you to be aware of this fact!!.... take care...!! 
''Few people who had just seen the trailer acts as if they directed the movie............
They often don't realise how much the actor who had lived the character in that movie knows''

''when they hear a small story, they act as if they know everything. they act as if they know more than the person involved in the story. But only the person involved in the story knows everything...... these people often forget that!!''