Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fans In Action

Fans in Action 

Everybody watch films. But everyone is not film-crazy. I have a group of friends who give up anything to watch their favorite hero in action. They settle for none other than a show on the first day of the film’s release. I wonder what makes them so crazy about films. They are meant to be stress busters. Aren’t they?? But for few hard core fans, they are something more than stress busters. They are more than a time pass. Watching films is their passion and that is the reason they were born. This may sound very silly to you. Even I felt the same when I too heard about it. But the craziness of the fan can be witnessed during the release a film, during their hero’s marriage or when their hero passes away. You can see fans pouring milk over the cutout of their hero during the film release. Fans expose the vandals hidden in them when their favorite passes away. Buses burnt, glass facades stoned, roads blocked and to name a few atrocities. Few fans even try to immolate themselves. I was really surprised by their attitude. 

When a scientist who contributes a lot to the nation passes away, nobody bothers to take a note of it. But when a film star who burnt a hole in the pocket of the masses dies, people go berserk.
I tried asking a fan the reason behind their madness. He just replied “that star is a member of my family”. I couldn’t argue with that fan. I was left in amusement. People tent to imitate the actions of their star in every way [minus the good deeds he does]. They think that it is an achievement. Of course, it is not easy to mimic someone!!....
But I’d appreciate their generosity. They don’t mind spending all their hard earned money on watching films. But I accept that I need to become a psychologist to understand the psyche of the crazy fans. All my investigations left me bewildered. I can learn the science of film making but I guess I can never learn the reason behind a fan’s madness!!



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spirituality vs Atheism

People practice various religions. Let it be Hinduism,Christianity,Islam or Judaism,all of them believe in god. Though their way of worship is different and their ideologies differ they all surrender to the supreme. But there is always an exception in everything. Here the exception is a set of non believers called atheists. They also criticise various practices followed by the believers. Though most of them are invisible,some of them dare to insult the believers for their own gain. But frankly speaking,atheism can be dubbed as an experience. I don't remember many people born as an atheist.its generally a single generation phenomenon. It is ironical to find that some of the atheist's children are staunch believers in god. They ensure that they do everything that their father had bullied about.But there is an atheist in many of us. But its not dominant. Even if it may be dominant over faith for a small period of time,its fades away as the position of that person returns to normal. Remember the time when you were in desperate need of help. The time of sufferings when your prayer fell on deaf ears,many of us would have told that there exist none called god,if he was really existed he would have helped us and he will never go soft on politicians who cheat crores of people and live without problems. But when we get adequate attention and our mental position returns to normal we tend to change the statement by saying that politicians will be punished in hell or their time will come soon if not now. But few people who never recover from that position will forever remain an atheist and others' indisputable faith in the almighty would fuel their atheism. But many of today's atheist are believers in god and they keep their atheism tag for political gain... According to me atheism is a personal feeling and they must not try to spread it to others. The best example for people who practice atheism for political gains may be periyar who earned the wrath of the believers when he garlanded many idols with slippers which can be called as atrocity. He had no rights to do such a thing in this world of believers. If he was an atheist he must be content with his belief and can speak anything inside his circle but cannot take it to the streets. His name itself had the word Rama and swami[meaning :god]... But he earned lot of fame for his atrocities.... But for now we say,god will look after those ppl when their time comes!!but all we know is their image from outside. Who knows?such extremists could also be a believes inside. But few people will mistake between superstition and faith. But now must understand that all the believes don't indulge in superstition. There is no reliable definition for superstition.Because what you may consider as superstition may sound practical for me and viceversa. The most volatile subject in this world is faith. Just few words against a faith may evoke several generation to spill blood. That's what happening in this world...............


Saturday, March 5, 2011

We The "Cattle class!!"

We the cattle class............

"When it comes to buying tickets at Chinnaswami stadium, even businessmen must stand with the holy cows.
But mayor and co wants to increase the co 2 in the atmosphere!!"

We still remember shashi's comments about cattle class. Of course ministers like him traveled in airways with the tax money paid by the cowboys and of course the money comes from the holy cows.remember i told ministers like shashi. I did not mention shashi and now he cant debate with me;). Maybe i will have to introduce a paradox like Shakespeare after every sentence. Are you wondering why i am talking about this episode in the topic about time Bangalore ticket fiasco? Yeah,there are connections between these two. The same cattle class were beaten black and blue but excuse me if the rich were among the laticharged. I read in the newspaper that senior businessmen and ppl working with mnc's have also suffered the same fate but still i prefer to call them cattle class:). Because the ordeal they went through were actually characteristic of the cattle class.but i wont say that those business men were laticharged because the policemen told those waiting in the queue that they would provide the tickets if they paid five times the amount for which the tickets are being sold. Will they miss this golden opportunity to make some fast bucks?if no,then even those businessmen wont miss this golden opportunity to buy tickets without wasting their time by standing in the queue. Remember these ppl avoid the cheaper products available at places like bigbazar to settle for a costlier price tag at the retail shops just for the personalized attention they get and to avoid being treated like servants. But the main point i wanted to raise here is about thousands of ticket reserved for the mayor and his big family of corporators. Last time i saw the corporator of my area was during the elections. He even gave his number which became out of reach after he won the election. I did not even see that guy pass by my lane which is a main link road between two prime commercial areas. Almost thousands of ppl pass by this road everyday and we have seen hundreds of minor accidents and these wont bother the corporator who can be seen smoking near a bakery few kilometers away from my house. If you see that chap there,you wont feel like calling him a would rather call him a cable boy!!....And i wonder what these ppl will do for five years without even visiting their constituency. If he is a chief minister,i can understand that he will be too busy but what for a corporator to visit his area??but the mayor of bangalore is threatening anil kumble that if they are not given free passes, they would impose tax on Karnataka Cricket Association[KCA]. Then cant we call this as bribery?? Bribing mayor with passes to avoid taxes??if we let small children watch Cricket match,it would inspire them but if we let politicians watch it only the CO 2 content in the atmosphere will increase. What did they achieve to get free passes? What rights do they have to demand free passes? By the way are they not cheating public by not collecting taxes from the rich cricket bodies to feed the poor?they just lack ethics.........
but just before i finished this note, corporators, this time have demanded 700 passes and tickets this time for India vs Ireland cricket match at Bangalore!! So Indians!! don't bother if the finals don't happen at your place. because you cant watch it anyway....lets go back to our TV sets and if you cant i will be glad to gift you a tub of fevicol to glue yourself yo yout TV set!!....