Friday, May 20, 2011

Why poison your own water??...

Why poison your own water??...

What do you feel when you pass by a swimming pool organizing a summer camp for kids??... A heavy smell of chlorine would forcibly push its way down your nose!!... You would feel that strange smell of chlorine blocking your nose...few people will also feel nauseated by that smell..We all know that swimming instructors are at a great risk of getting cancer due to prolonged exposure to chlorinated water. Thus you know that chlorine is a harmful chemical. how about adding that harmful chemical to your drinking water?... you wouldn't realize anything while drinking that chlorinated water from your water bottle, but when you are filling your big water container with chlorinated water you can have a small swimming pool- like experience.but since you are not exposed to large gallons of water at once, you wont feel much concerned but in a swimming pool you get to smell thousands or probably lakhs of liters of water at once, so you can smell the chlorine, thats the main difference between swimming pool and your drinking water. Maybe the quantity of chlorine added to drinking water maybe small compared to swimming pool but you are not going to drink that water used in swimming pool whereas you are drinking your tap water so even that small amount of chlorine added maybe harmful to your health.Considering the large number of people walking into the swimming pool including the ones with infectious skin diseases you can chose to be on the better side of the worst by chlorinating the water as thats the cheapest option available for the civic bodies but when it comes to your health i advise you not to take any chances. Why don't we spend a little more for a chlorine free water rather than suffering later due to the intake of chlorine??...But the situation is not in our hands since all of us get chlorinated water from the civic bodies!!To lessen exposure to chlorine in the water supply, it is recommended that you avoid chlorinated tap water and filter your shower water, since large amounts of chlorine may be inhaled and absorbed through the skin while showering. Buying chlorine-free household products will lessen your exposure and boosting your immune system will help your body minimize the effects of toxins.Chlorine can be harmful because it combines with other naturally-occurring elements, like leaves and vegetation, to form trihalomethanes (THMs). The known toxin chloroform is a THM.Chloroform is a probable carcinogen and has been linked to liver and kidney cancer in laboratory animals. A human study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology shows bladder cancer risk to double with exposure to chlorine by-products. Another human study reported by the American Journal of Public Health shows a 21 percent increase bladder cancer risk and a 38 percent increase in rectal cancer risk. if you want to remove the chlorine from your water, just leave the water out for 24 hours and the chlorine evaporates out of the water.Another highly reliable method is to use an activated carbon filter. The least expensive method and the safest method of filtering your drinking water is by boiling . You can purchase a test kit from a pool supply store to assist you in determining if the C1 has been depleted sufficiently.there are many more options to remove chlorine from your water. we can use various water purifiers with reverse osmosis system to remove chlorine and other impurities. so removal of chlorine plays a major role in the prevention of cancer. Just campaigning against cancer and wearing badges wont prevent cancer, we must get into action if we really want to work against cancer!!..... so lets try to educate as many people as possible about the ill effects of chlorine and its relation to cancer!!.... so All the best in your fight against cancer.... lets all commit to fight against this disease!!......


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In my hands.............

"I didn't do any thing when the situation was under my control
I couldn't do anything when the situation was out of my control''

But if the same situation arises again, i don't know whether i would keep it under my control. We realize the importance of thing only after it goes out of our reach. If the same thing comes back to us, though we may give more importance to it, its unlikely that we would act very differently.

During my crucial exams i always thought that there were many days to prepare. of course, the days ran like swiftly like a stream without letting us notice it. depressed was the only word that could describe me after the results emerged. ' i could have worked hard ', 'i could have read from day 1', i could have.....' ran in my mind. but when my mom told me that i things could worsen if i did not study and warned me of low marks, i never bothered. but i never wronged myself. because accepting the blame would make me guilty, and i never wished to be guilty!!..... 

But my non acceptance of my mistakes wouldn't give me a clean chit. my conscience knows very well that i had 100% control over my time and my dedication of time to studies was purely at my own will. i know that 
I didn't do any thing when the situation was under my control
I couldn't do anything when the situation was out of my control. i can put the blame on cricket world cup which made me sit in front of the TV but i preferred to blame my interest in cricket. if i there was no cricket or if i had chosen not to watch cricket, i could have got one of the highest marks. but that doesn't matter!!.... the words 'could have' doesn't matter.... because the words ' i did not' has more significance......


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gurumurthy's speech during thuglaq's 40th anniversary

very impressive speech. click on the youtube link if the video is not available here.

Intellectual Terrorism

This video was really impressive. It sheds some light on Hinduism and a Hindu way of life.