Wednesday, August 24, 2011

There is so much to worry about!!

People complain about small issues..... some people complain that they don't have a Rolls Royce, while others complain that they don't know many celebs personally . according to me, these people live in a artificial world. a world they have created on their own and have labeled it as elite. this world is neither elite nor real!.. its a virtual world. if you drop a billionaire in an African forest, neither his 3g connection will work nor will the elephants and other wild beast respect his wealth!!.... i doubt whether he will survive for even a single day in such harsh conditions. but i am not speaking about the art of survival. i am speaking about his so called worthiness and his elite status. people party daily so that they will become popular in that party circle and that they can join the so called elite group of people. they booze till 4am and wake up at 1pm to again start planning for the next party which they can attend. will they achieve anything in life by doing this?? whom do you want to prove that you are famous? for whom do you want to prove that you are a celeb?? .. there is something called spiritual well being and spiritual satisfaction which everyone forget. they forget the basic ethics which everyone must oblige. i had read in bhagawat-gita that a person who thinks life is all about eating,sleeping and mating is just a beast!!.. what is the difference between a man and a beast if both of them follow the same routine and same principle?? even a cow ensures that it does its best in helping the society. but how does you action benefit the society? how does you action benefit the nature? since we are born as humans we must achieve something. but its not about winning Bharat Ratna or 100 Filmfare awards. its about serving the man kind. its about how much you help others!!
many years ago i saw a poster in railway station which said ' a man was complaining that he did not have a pair of shoes until he saw a man with no legs!!' actually this is life. we worry that we dont have clothing of a particular brand. but if we realize how people suffer in this world, we wont even dream of buying that brand again. i am not saying that we should not desire wealth. but i want to say that we must know our priorities. we must have a sense of satisfaction!!.... its very difficult to satisfy a materialistic man. he keeps asking for more every minute and its difficulty to be happy without attaining satisfaction. there is so much in life to worry about. so lets not waste time and energy for small and unwanted things!!... lets just think that time will definitely come for us to enjoy the things we desire so we must avoid wasting time going in search of it. we should stop worrying about it. there are so many examples which i can quote to illustrate the instances where we pause our life worrying about small things, this forgetting the bigger things which lie before us!!... lets leave all our worries to our destiny and start enjoying our life in a worthy way!!....