Sunday, September 12, 2010

Height of Unprofessionalism

A Very Good Headline
An important news

People watch channels like Zoom and programmes like Daily 10 to get their daily dose of gossips. They read magazines like Filmfare and StarDust for spicy gossips in written format. But now a news bulletin has entered the realm of gossip industry!!. More than gossips about the tinsel town, they wanna make more bucks over gossips about the common men. Did i say common men? yeah... you and me!! The daily activities of the people has become the latest news!! Its none but our famous Bangalore Mirror!! Now i understand why they advertise it as the ''other side of bangalore''!!
When people are smart, BM makes them fools. When people are good, BM makes them bad. this is the height of unprofessionalism. They hunt for gossips from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, but end up finding the gossips in the lanes and by lanes of our Bangalore!! I can give you a lot of examples where they have outraged the modesty of the fine people. 'Fine' includes highly educated, we laid and good hearted people. They don't even bother to verify the news and check the source. But instead they get the news published before someone proves that the news is incorrect!!.All they known is the new found technique of grabbing eyeballs!! But those eyes turn away as soon as the news is half-read!! Stiff they get addicted to it as if it is 'marijuana'!! But i must accept that gossips are more addictive than marijuana for the masses.!! They get into ''the other world'' through gossips!! I am not simply degrading this bulletin for no reason. Of course, my own articles have been published on this bulletin for many a times. I could blindly support this bulletin for that reason but i wont because i am neutral on my stand over BM. i don't care for what it did to me. But i am more bothered about what it is doing to others!! Once, they put up wallets everywhere and made people pick it up and published their pics on the page 1!! It is like FILMY Indian Police slipping '' ganja'' packets into the pockets of victims and picking them up for the possession of drugs!! Who knows, the people who picked up the wallet might have handed it to the nearest police station or donated it to the nearest temple!! Did BM expect everybody to ignore that wallet? The other day the front page article was about a teacher who did not accept a child's gift on the eve of teachers' day!! do you thing the news was so worthy to be put on the front page? i don't think the news deserved to be even on the most unnoticeable corner of the paper. will they publish such an article in TOI or HINDU?? i donut think so. to hype it further , the parents decided to take to matter to child rights commission!! Even my sister's teacher refused to accept her presents saying that the school doesn't allow teachers to receive presents, we just chucked the matter after frowning upon it!! 

But i also have to mention the good deeds done by BM. they have highlighted many social issues, helped many people, exposed the corrupt government officials, highlighted aspiring sportsmen/musicians/artists and to name many more......!! i am just pointing  out the other side of BM...!!