Sunday, December 18, 2011

why you must never hate yourself?!....

"Tommy had dedicated his life to Gina....
When Gina life him he was so obsessed with Gina that he could not think of anything other than her smile....

He was so obsessed with her that..... he even forgot himself..."

Why are you born alone?!.... of course I'm not talking about twins....  Its because we are designated to live our life alone.... 
You may argue that men are social creatures who live in a society.... I do agree but in-spite of living with others you are definitely alone unless you consider the company of your soul....
I have seen many people hating themselves for not being able to match the cleverness of their friends or the style quotient of their role models... but is style everything in life?!.... 
If yes, then Justin Bieber would be having more fans than haters!!.....
the way he carries himself did not impress millions of people who started hating him and not the forget the attention he received for his voice in a short period of time which people did not like. just imagine you hate a political or cine figure. if that personality gets more positive media attention everyday, you hated will only increase.
why people love others more than themselves?!.... is it because their soul is not worth being loved more than others?!.... or its the peer pressure which is misplacing their preference?!.... the real reason cannot be ascertained. they can only be felt in a language which cannot be expressed. even if you try to express them, by they time those thoughts reach your lips or fingers, 50% of the data stored in your temporary memory disk would have been deleted.  


what does this word indicate?!... 
it varies from person to person... but if you go by the symptoms, the following can be termed as the most common....
you are deemed to be in depression when ::

  • You feel sad or blue.
  • You feel trapped in your own life.
  • You feel like a failure.

if it that people cannot come over these?!... NO.. depressed people don't wish to come over these as they feel comfortable in a depressed state.... people like to cry, they like to feel sad... they like to say that the world is a bad place to live in.
You cant expect them to say 'i love this world' when they haven't seen that 'love' for a long time.... Its impossible for them to analyse the reason for their depression as analyzing them will only lead their mind to think more of the stuff which depressed them leading to more trouble... we find self styled counselors graduated from institutes having mandatory attendance of 35% providing 100% placements in reputed places. even if you attend 100% of the class [if it happened] its impossible to understand the human psyche unless you are really interested in it and your passing for psychology is outstanding and undetermined. you must be driven by passion and not profession. great people like Vivekananda and other saints preached more to this field than what they learnt from here. i know its impossible to find such a person to deal your problem with but its always advisable to avoid dealing with fancy looking psychologists who make you bite your nails and.... pockets...!!....
its more advisable to look for refuge in spiritual comfort as it connects you with your soul. spirituality influences you to love god more than fellow human beings. in other words spirituality influences you to love you soul more than other humans!!.... even in Hinduism 'paramatma' or 'supreme soul' is considered to be the greatest!!....  so its our soul which is the greatest.... so in simpler terms we must learn to connect with our soul and spirituality is just a mode of connection between you and your soul....
its very difficult to deceive your soul.... maybe impossible to do so... and that's the reason many people cant stand at the thought of spirituality. the first thing you when you become spiritual is the process of questioning your deeds. this is the point when you start feeling guilty. few people cannot handle the guilt, so they repel at the thought of god, soul or the whole concept of spirituality!!..... 
investing more time in this topic/above case could mean more research work and the whole topic could change.... and maybe this post could become a book.

trying to control the size of this post, i would like to touch the last and the most important topic....

The concept of human love....
 Humans are equipped with a fickle mind [ though i must agree that the percentage of fickleness could vary from person to person ; continent to continent] the one that considers you as friend could consider you as his/her enemy for no wrong of yours. but your soul can never do that!!.... your loved ones may break up from you but its impossible for you to break-up from yourself!!.... as i have heard in many places, nothing is permanent, everything is perishable so the noble ones advise you not to have any material attachment at all but we are humans and we cannot do that!!.... can you tell me what is life without depression, sadness, difficulty and struggle!? can you realize what is happiness without experiencing sadness?!.... No!!... to enjoy your life you must agree to share its troubles too!!.... but its upto to avoid dwelling on the darker part for too long which could reduce your happy times!!....  this concept is not skin deep and i could write a lot about this and its impossible to cover the whole idea of this concept without writing too much in detail..!! its also important to state that your family would stand by you until you are within the limits of your failure and you should remember to stand by your family when you cross the limit of your success!!.... 
but family is certainly more reliable than others and at few places you can be guaranteed of their support during the bad times. the things i am talking about relates more to the loved ones outside the circle of your family [ of course, i wound never include relatives, who are supposed to be even more fickle minded than your friends and neighbors!!...] the family-love is certainly different from what i am talking about and is more complex but i am mentioning about it to avoid confusion or a clash between these two topics!!....
When it comes to love its better not to rely on anyone completely and think of someone as yours forever unless there is a bond which specifies so!!... when you cannot control your own mind, its impossible to even think of controlling others' mind. they can change their mind at will and you shouldn't become a slave to it.... always think of your mind independently and by doing so you can minimize the impact on your heart the after effects of a love failure or even the loss of a job!!.....  you don't run looking for others company when you can realize the importance of your own company!!.... so remember that you must never hate yourself as its only your soul which stands by you till the end of your days. its your own self which takes receives the blows you earn and do respect yourself for the standing by you all the time!!.... and when you win something you are going to reward yourself with the title. in simpler terms, i can say that you are made for yourself!!.... so love yourself, then you can love the world.... 

:-) :-) smile for youself :-) :-)
then smile for the world....

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Heartfelt emotions

Sometimes people will change in a short span of time.
they will forget what you meant to them. 
they will forget what they spoke and the way they spoke.
they will treat you like strangers.
they will be too lazy to reply even to your simple ' how are you?'
you wouldn't mind if a stranger doesn't reply to you but you would definitely feel hurt when a person who was very close ignores you.
they will avoid replying to your questions.
they will start ignoring you completely.
soon, they will tell you that they don't even know you. 
every time they ignore you, thousands of thoughts will be running over you mind. the negative side of  your mind will tell you that they don't want you in their life and will ask you to throw them out but the positive side will try to convince you with some reason and will ask you not to hate them. stuck between these two opinions, you will be confused. you will feel hurt and depressed. you will feel a heaviness floating in your heart. you would start thinking about them every time you see them refresh their Facebook status. 
you will ask them to reply you once or twice but your ego will refrain you from asking them another time to reply. but you would feel so depressed that you would shoot down your ego and would ask them. but you will end up being more hurt after knowing that they don't miss you even a bit!!.... you will remember the times when they told you that they missed you even when you were invisible for a day..... after many attempts they will reply with a single word and immediately end the conversation with a single word 'bye'. 
you would wonder whether they will ever be back to their normal self. at the same time you will try to forget them and move on in your life but that's not easy!!..... you would be afraid that they wont remember you and they will be none to you. you will wonder if you would ever see them talking sweetly once again.
you would miss those beautiful days. you would miss those days when you used to jump with joy when they speak to you!!....
when they read this post they will say its all 'rubbish'.... i can guarantee that you will get this answer from them.
because they wont realize these things
they are ignorant and they wont feel these things!!
this is life...
from this, learn an important lesson.
please don't do this to others as you know how it feels
the person who did this to you may lack feelings.... they may be heartless and rude!!...
they may be insensitive, cruel and inhuman!!
but you can try to be a human
you can try not to hurt others
because you know how it feels to be hurt
i can churn out more feelings from my heart but if i do, then i cant sleep today!!
because i have already lost many nights of sleep thinking about the same!!....

please do not ask me why i have written this article line by line , point by point!!
but please say whether what i told was true or not!!....
because only the person who was hurt can understand a hurt person's feeling.
feedback's are welcome!!......

Friday, September 2, 2011

When she becomes a wall.....

When u crash against a wall again and again, u would feel hurt but the wall wont realize that its hurting u!!... so try to avoid crashing against any wall to stop hurting urself!! :-D :-D ... ;-) ;-)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It happens only in India!!....

Toyota Innova Buses !!....

Spotted in Bangalore, these Toyota innova buses can seat more people and also gives more mileage than the official Toyota innova ;-) ;-)

© BE

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

There is so much to worry about!!

People complain about small issues..... some people complain that they don't have a Rolls Royce, while others complain that they don't know many celebs personally . according to me, these people live in a artificial world. a world they have created on their own and have labeled it as elite. this world is neither elite nor real!.. its a virtual world. if you drop a billionaire in an African forest, neither his 3g connection will work nor will the elephants and other wild beast respect his wealth!!.... i doubt whether he will survive for even a single day in such harsh conditions. but i am not speaking about the art of survival. i am speaking about his so called worthiness and his elite status. people party daily so that they will become popular in that party circle and that they can join the so called elite group of people. they booze till 4am and wake up at 1pm to again start planning for the next party which they can attend. will they achieve anything in life by doing this?? whom do you want to prove that you are famous? for whom do you want to prove that you are a celeb?? .. there is something called spiritual well being and spiritual satisfaction which everyone forget. they forget the basic ethics which everyone must oblige. i had read in bhagawat-gita that a person who thinks life is all about eating,sleeping and mating is just a beast!!.. what is the difference between a man and a beast if both of them follow the same routine and same principle?? even a cow ensures that it does its best in helping the society. but how does you action benefit the society? how does you action benefit the nature? since we are born as humans we must achieve something. but its not about winning Bharat Ratna or 100 Filmfare awards. its about serving the man kind. its about how much you help others!!
many years ago i saw a poster in railway station which said ' a man was complaining that he did not have a pair of shoes until he saw a man with no legs!!' actually this is life. we worry that we dont have clothing of a particular brand. but if we realize how people suffer in this world, we wont even dream of buying that brand again. i am not saying that we should not desire wealth. but i want to say that we must know our priorities. we must have a sense of satisfaction!!.... its very difficult to satisfy a materialistic man. he keeps asking for more every minute and its difficulty to be happy without attaining satisfaction. there is so much in life to worry about. so lets not waste time and energy for small and unwanted things!!... lets just think that time will definitely come for us to enjoy the things we desire so we must avoid wasting time going in search of it. we should stop worrying about it. there are so many examples which i can quote to illustrate the instances where we pause our life worrying about small things, this forgetting the bigger things which lie before us!!... lets leave all our worries to our destiny and start enjoying our life in a worthy way!!....


Sunday, July 17, 2011

On a journey

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A calm looking railway station.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Braving the winds

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Seen in the riverside, this coconut tree stands firm in the ground braving the strong winds.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A picturesque scene by the side of a river

When the nature and the humans came together!!

A picturesque river Cauvery

Picture Perfect!!

CLICK picture to enlarge
This shows the extent of human intervention in nature. A half cut tree, A jet aircraft flying in the sky and a fresh and plain sky in the background!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What i wanted to say you!!......

"What i wanted to say you for long,
is well hidden in my heart. 
I love you beyond expressions,
but what if you don't love me?
So I cant tell you my love.
But what if even you think the same way?
something tells me that you love me,
but i'm not sure.
if i dont propose you,
i will lose your love.
but if i propose you and you dont love me,
then i will lose your friendship too!!
and now, friendship seems to be 
more precious than love.
we may break up some day,
but we will always be good friends forever.
So lets be friends forever!!"

Friday, May 20, 2011

Why poison your own water??...

Why poison your own water??...

What do you feel when you pass by a swimming pool organizing a summer camp for kids??... A heavy smell of chlorine would forcibly push its way down your nose!!... You would feel that strange smell of chlorine blocking your nose...few people will also feel nauseated by that smell..We all know that swimming instructors are at a great risk of getting cancer due to prolonged exposure to chlorinated water. Thus you know that chlorine is a harmful chemical. how about adding that harmful chemical to your drinking water?... you wouldn't realize anything while drinking that chlorinated water from your water bottle, but when you are filling your big water container with chlorinated water you can have a small swimming pool- like experience.but since you are not exposed to large gallons of water at once, you wont feel much concerned but in a swimming pool you get to smell thousands or probably lakhs of liters of water at once, so you can smell the chlorine, thats the main difference between swimming pool and your drinking water. Maybe the quantity of chlorine added to drinking water maybe small compared to swimming pool but you are not going to drink that water used in swimming pool whereas you are drinking your tap water so even that small amount of chlorine added maybe harmful to your health.Considering the large number of people walking into the swimming pool including the ones with infectious skin diseases you can chose to be on the better side of the worst by chlorinating the water as thats the cheapest option available for the civic bodies but when it comes to your health i advise you not to take any chances. Why don't we spend a little more for a chlorine free water rather than suffering later due to the intake of chlorine??...But the situation is not in our hands since all of us get chlorinated water from the civic bodies!!To lessen exposure to chlorine in the water supply, it is recommended that you avoid chlorinated tap water and filter your shower water, since large amounts of chlorine may be inhaled and absorbed through the skin while showering. Buying chlorine-free household products will lessen your exposure and boosting your immune system will help your body minimize the effects of toxins.Chlorine can be harmful because it combines with other naturally-occurring elements, like leaves and vegetation, to form trihalomethanes (THMs). The known toxin chloroform is a THM.Chloroform is a probable carcinogen and has been linked to liver and kidney cancer in laboratory animals. A human study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology shows bladder cancer risk to double with exposure to chlorine by-products. Another human study reported by the American Journal of Public Health shows a 21 percent increase bladder cancer risk and a 38 percent increase in rectal cancer risk. if you want to remove the chlorine from your water, just leave the water out for 24 hours and the chlorine evaporates out of the water.Another highly reliable method is to use an activated carbon filter. The least expensive method and the safest method of filtering your drinking water is by boiling . You can purchase a test kit from a pool supply store to assist you in determining if the C1 has been depleted sufficiently.there are many more options to remove chlorine from your water. we can use various water purifiers with reverse osmosis system to remove chlorine and other impurities. so removal of chlorine plays a major role in the prevention of cancer. Just campaigning against cancer and wearing badges wont prevent cancer, we must get into action if we really want to work against cancer!!..... so lets try to educate as many people as possible about the ill effects of chlorine and its relation to cancer!!.... so All the best in your fight against cancer.... lets all commit to fight against this disease!!......


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In my hands.............

"I didn't do any thing when the situation was under my control
I couldn't do anything when the situation was out of my control''

But if the same situation arises again, i don't know whether i would keep it under my control. We realize the importance of thing only after it goes out of our reach. If the same thing comes back to us, though we may give more importance to it, its unlikely that we would act very differently.

During my crucial exams i always thought that there were many days to prepare. of course, the days ran like swiftly like a stream without letting us notice it. depressed was the only word that could describe me after the results emerged. ' i could have worked hard ', 'i could have read from day 1', i could have.....' ran in my mind. but when my mom told me that i things could worsen if i did not study and warned me of low marks, i never bothered. but i never wronged myself. because accepting the blame would make me guilty, and i never wished to be guilty!!..... 

But my non acceptance of my mistakes wouldn't give me a clean chit. my conscience knows very well that i had 100% control over my time and my dedication of time to studies was purely at my own will. i know that 
I didn't do any thing when the situation was under my control
I couldn't do anything when the situation was out of my control. i can put the blame on cricket world cup which made me sit in front of the TV but i preferred to blame my interest in cricket. if i there was no cricket or if i had chosen not to watch cricket, i could have got one of the highest marks. but that doesn't matter!!.... the words 'could have' doesn't matter.... because the words ' i did not' has more significance......


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gurumurthy's speech during thuglaq's 40th anniversary

very impressive speech. click on the youtube link if the video is not available here.

Intellectual Terrorism

This video was really impressive. It sheds some light on Hinduism and a Hindu way of life. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Where is India's head??!!

We may proudly sing our national anthem aloud but its losing significance as 'kashmir' is being eaten up not only by pakistan and china, but even by western websites!!

 I found the distorted map of india in HP website which did not even bother to include the disputed status. I actually thought of posting the pictures from HP and other international websites. But there is not point in doing so as all of the international website seems to be against India. Untill ABV was the prime minister, Indians had some hope in this issue but the present government seems to be least interested in protecting the valley. Even though the army chief had reported about the extensive chinese presence in PoK, the union government is sleeping on this issue. It has mentioned that it knew about the chinese domination but did not do anytime to stop it. Now the government is very busy derailing the jan lok pal bill and covering up all the scams. they will rake up this issue only during the next assembly elections.
But i never expected the most trusted website, Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia to do the same. here are some pictures from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia showing Pok as a part of Pakistan and Aksai Chin as a part of China.

Wikipedia showing Pok as a disputed area in Indian map.

Why international websites??....a government itself had posted this map in one of its official websites. it was also reported in deccan chronicle.
How can the Indian government support the illegal occupation of other countries??.... does it not amount to showing disrespect to the Indian constitution?? 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Can we follow Guatemala's policy??

Follow Guatemala's presidential election policy!!Do you know one this one thing for which Guatemala is know for??The relatives of the prime minister can't be elected as a prime minister.This is a vibrant policy which must be adopted in the Indian constitution as well.relatives of prime minister have to be barred from contesting the polls. There is every possibility that the relatives of the pm in power will make use of his name to win the polls effortlessly.the more serious reason is that every citizen of india must be given a chance to be elected and standing against the relative of a prime minister would be like trying to find a small iron pin lost in the would also be a great threat to that person. Let us not forget that the candidate will also learn all the techniques from his father or mother who was the pm on how to make money without being caught.of course experience counts!!... Had this law been incorporated during the formation of the Indian government our political history would have been more constructive and liberal.... We would have no indira gandhi or rajiv gandhi and sonia and rahul world not be dreaming about acquiring the pm chair.i know that sonia was supposed to become the pm but she made mammohan the pm as she was opposed by other parties due to her foreign origin. Indian dynastic politics has become a personal affair. It has made politics out of reach for the common man and it has become something 'affordable' only to the rich and the influential. If a poor man wins a seat,do you think he is the one who takes care of the administration??certainly not. A person need to be experienced,mature,smart as well as educated to rule the country. The person who does not possess these qualities will just act as a puppet and will faithfully resign when his original controller gets him into any trouble. I dont find it strange when maharashtra cm resigned immediately when he was caught though my description of a poor man doesn't suit him. But this can also explore a possibility of the rich and the educated to be exploited by the party. This also shows why karnataka cm did not resign when he was caught in scams.he was the boss in karnataka politics and the central bjp leadership did not have any power to ask him to resign as he was the one who mainly built bjp in karnataka along with others. He was not a puppet. He was not someone who was sent by the leadership to stand for election. He only stood as cm by his own choice. You also cannot ask someone like Tamil Nadu cm to resign. Even if he does,he will install a puppet and control him. But maha cm cannot do this as i assume that he himself must have been a puppet of the cong leadership. Getting back to the subject of the dynasty politics, an elite impression was built upon the nehru-gandhi family and no one could raise their hands against them.if she had launched the blue star operation at this time,she would have been thrown out of the seat by all the citizens of india who would have backed the sikhs. But at that time something like dictatorship was unleashed which might have forced her body guards to assassinate her. But i am just recalling that incident. If i comment anything against that family,i know that i will invite trouble and mainly i dont not have much knowledge about this episode and whatever i mentioned is hypothetical and god knows what would be the reaction of the ppl during turbulent times in the would have been a true test to the unity of the nation which is threatened frequently by politicians. I remember many old people telling me that indira was a dictator during the emergency but Thanks to the high impression that ppl have upon the indira gandhi family, no one can err their ways. But remember that these ppl do not have anything to do with the mahatma since they share the same surname. Even the bofors scam could not dent rajiv's image deeply. Journalist gurumurthy had listed out how rajiv had benefitted from all the scams but people will develop sympathy for him as he is not alive. Then why don't they be sympathetic towards Hitler,who built his country well and ensured its promotion as a global superpower.but that cannot happen as hitler,though was a great builder of his country's infrastructure,failed miserably as a human being. His atrocities against jews cannot be forgotten.but in case of rajiv,people worship him as a great prime minister. So its almost impossible to penetrate into the nehru's fort. Even a brahmos missile cannot break his fort due to strong feelings about him transferred from the text books to the  students!!....was nehru the only lover of children??...or was he the only person who publicly exhibited the love for children??...i feel patriots like bhagat singh and chandashekar azad deserved more importance than nehru!!..they gave up their lives for india but nehru only gave up the northern region to china and pakistan for his chair...whatever happens, i don't want to be condemned for writing this. I cant rule that out since his family is in power!! i have told before,congress will support arundati's anti India speech but not my anti nehru speech. i cant say its anti nehru as I am only speaking the truth and what i felt.after all its just my opinion,thats all!!There are lot of freedom fighters after whom we can name various projects and i don't find any reason why rajiv and indira are always chosen to be named after. i hope that the real heroes who ensured India's independence will get their due credit!! netaji subash chandra bose had told that he would give us freedom and he was progressing very well with his Indian National Army [INA] but unfortunately he died in a plane crash. if he was alive then probably he would have become the prime minister and would have ensured a more dynamic future for india. but we have to wake up atleast now!! recently the democracy emerged victorious with anna hazare's fast but i hope that india will emerge victorious with better politicians in the future


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

The historian Herodotus (484 – ca. 425 BCE), and the scholar Callimachus of Cyrene (ca. 305 – 240 BCE) at the Museum of Alexandria, made early lists of seven wonders but their writings have not survived, except as references. The seven wonders included:

Great Pyramid of Giza

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Statue of Zeus at Olympia

Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus

Colossus of rhodes

Lighthouse of Alexandria


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mockery Of faith

Mockery of faith

I know that the people have faith in different things.but the way the people exhibit their faith is interesting,but at times, its disgusting. But the most sinful of all is the mockery of faith by people for their personal convenience But at times we pardon such people as they do it to feed themselves with basic amenities like food and shelter.but that doesn't mean that we must encourage them. But whats irritating is the people's perception of their ''magical powers''!! In the first place i would like to discuss about the people begging at the signals wearing god's symbols and carrying some powerful deity's pictures and idols. No one knows whether they are genuine worshippers or just part time businessmen,but we do put them a small amount of money if they look very needy. But what about fat people begging?my friends put cash to a fat guy begging near my college.when i asked them,they said that he would curse us and that he was also looking very strange. Today when i was eating with my friend at a road side eatery, a middle aged guy with long hair dressed in rags came near us and started abusing our whole family with the choicest of the foul words available at the local slum bazaar. If it was a student,he would have been given nicely by everyone,but this guy was looking very poor. If he had just came begging i would have given him my spare change but i did not like his style of begging. I saw that he went near every person and did the same thing. They immediately gave him money. I did not understand this strange concept. If i ask some of my school friends who hailed from a local village, they would have definitely given me an explanation. But as far as i don't ignore the local customs even after being aware about it,i am fine!! This is nothing!! These people are not physically harming us. But what about the hijras at the signal who exploit every autorikshaw passenger who refuse them ten bucks!!they do some mischief even after giving them money. My friends used to tell that when they curse,it would materialize.but i did not believe in it.but initially i felt uneasy when they scolded us. There is nothing wrong when we give them some money on humanitarian grounds but they should not misuse the fear people have on them and harass the people. We also see people wearing sacred identities of gods and beg on the streets. Its simply the mockery of faith in the grassroot level.they are misusing the faith people have in them and because of them,few genuine worshipers are looked down.they are also few indications to be followed by the devotees of all the gods and these people don't adhere by those standards and they insult the faith by doing so....
Hence, we must discourage these people who are also responsible for the exploitation of young kids. generally such people hire new born babies for Rs100 a day and beg with them at the signals. i heard that these babies are not fed and made to undergo a lot of difficulties. its time to adopt a rationalistic approach towards these kinds of things to move forward.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

IPL::The Emotional Twist!!

"I have seen EPL,but whats IPL??" a foreigner would ask. But the answer is that....IPL is an cricket remake of EPL!...not bad....
Its just a collection of teams named after different places with the combination of different players from around the world!!.....
But the people tend to give IPL an regional-istic it correct? my answer would be no.because the team members consists of players from all over the world and they have just named the team after a particular place. that doesn't mean that the people can insult a team for the region it represents!!.... generally the players just play for money without any emotional attachment with their team. but this is not same on the case of their fans.
accordingly,IPL is  more than cricket!!
Its an healthy replacement to TV soaps!! denying!...
usually people watch TV soaps or news during their leisure they have started watching IPL.Thats something we need to appreciate .......

but now, IPL has hit the headlines for Modi and Tharoor controversies.Nobody must have expected this!!
But the people have realized that its just a business.... but its a late realization.Cricket seems to be a better business than film making. You dont have to spend much time and no risks are involved. the returns are guaranteed for your investments.
The emotional twist

though the fans know that its just a business, they tend to build an emotional attachment with their teams. they cry for their team if it loses and celebrate its victory with a toast!! but if you visit the fan pages of these teams in social networking sites, you can see the fans of one team abusing the fans of the other team. but this doesn't end with its fans. they even abuse the people of the city/state which their IPL team represents. this is certainly an unhealthy trend. when i visited an IPL team's community in orkut, i was not impressed by the abuses hurled at my state, people and my language too. in turn,you tend to hate the city whose people abused you. regionalism which is considered to be a social evil, is being fed with porridge in the form of the IPL.
even today, you can visit one of the RCB community on orkut, where its fans use the deadliest of the words to hurt the people of their rival city. But i make it a point that, just because some hooligans abuse me, i shouldn't hate my hometown, Bangalore. we must just watch and enjoy the game. the feelings shouldn't bloom into hatred which in the long run can prove to be a bane.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Athirapally Waterfalls

Athirappally Waterfalls is located 78 kms from Kochi (Cochin), located at the entrance to Sholayar ranges, this waterfall is a popular picnic spot. Affording to the onlookers, one of the most bewitching sights, Athirappally Falls is about 80 feet high and located in the forest area. Combined with the greenery, it infuses freshness into any tired soul. The Athirapally Falls join the Chalakkudy River after plummeting a drop of 80 feet.
I took these snaps when i visited Thrissur in Kerala.

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