Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Revisit

a visit to this page after a long time made me realize the magnitude of changes in my thinking patter. i have learnt to see life in a different perspective. maybe i wouldn't have written the things you are currently seeing if i were like this back then. but change is the only constant in life. maybe i wouldn't write the way am writing now in the future. we are continuously in the process of evolving. i have heard many authors telling that they feel embarrassed when they read their own books after many years. even i have come across that situation. we learn a new lesson in life everyday. we mature more and more as we proceed with life. but that doesn't mean that we were immature before. i would tell that we were mature at that moment and we were quite happy about it. the main trick lies in getting the best out of you at that moment. as long as you give out your best, you wouldn't feel embarrassed about your past.we were at our level best at that couldn't have expected more from you at that point of time. its our experiences which shape our thinking. so there is nothing to blame or to feel embarrassed about  its just our state of mind which makes us feel that way.
i would like to that all the people who used to follow my blog regularly when it was active. 
i was shocked when i visited this blog today as my chrome browser refused to open the page citing some malware infection from a random blog page which i have never heard before. i tried deleting all the gadgets i had installed but am not able to figure out the problem. i promise to soon get rid of the malware ASAP!...
meanwhile i will be launching a new blog whose link i will be sharing with you soon.
so until then cheers!...

Eshwar B

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