Thursday, June 9, 2011

What i wanted to say you!!......

"What i wanted to say you for long,
is well hidden in my heart. 
I love you beyond expressions,
but what if you don't love me?
So I cant tell you my love.
But what if even you think the same way?
something tells me that you love me,
but i'm not sure.
if i dont propose you,
i will lose your love.
but if i propose you and you dont love me,
then i will lose your friendship too!!
and now, friendship seems to be 
more precious than love.
we may break up some day,
but we will always be good friends forever.
So lets be friends forever!!"


  1. Blaze....hearts may be broken by feelings left unexpressed...Give it a chance , may be you will have your dream come true :)

    Good luck.


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