Saturday, September 3, 2011

Heartfelt emotions

Sometimes people will change in a short span of time.
they will forget what you meant to them. 
they will forget what they spoke and the way they spoke.
they will treat you like strangers.
they will be too lazy to reply even to your simple ' how are you?'
you wouldn't mind if a stranger doesn't reply to you but you would definitely feel hurt when a person who was very close ignores you.
they will avoid replying to your questions.
they will start ignoring you completely.
soon, they will tell you that they don't even know you. 
every time they ignore you, thousands of thoughts will be running over you mind. the negative side of  your mind will tell you that they don't want you in their life and will ask you to throw them out but the positive side will try to convince you with some reason and will ask you not to hate them. stuck between these two opinions, you will be confused. you will feel hurt and depressed. you will feel a heaviness floating in your heart. you would start thinking about them every time you see them refresh their Facebook status. 
you will ask them to reply you once or twice but your ego will refrain you from asking them another time to reply. but you would feel so depressed that you would shoot down your ego and would ask them. but you will end up being more hurt after knowing that they don't miss you even a bit!!.... you will remember the times when they told you that they missed you even when you were invisible for a day..... after many attempts they will reply with a single word and immediately end the conversation with a single word 'bye'. 
you would wonder whether they will ever be back to their normal self. at the same time you will try to forget them and move on in your life but that's not easy!!..... you would be afraid that they wont remember you and they will be none to you. you will wonder if you would ever see them talking sweetly once again.
you would miss those beautiful days. you would miss those days when you used to jump with joy when they speak to you!!....
when they read this post they will say its all 'rubbish'.... i can guarantee that you will get this answer from them.
because they wont realize these things
they are ignorant and they wont feel these things!!
this is life...
from this, learn an important lesson.
please don't do this to others as you know how it feels
the person who did this to you may lack feelings.... they may be heartless and rude!!...
they may be insensitive, cruel and inhuman!!
but you can try to be a human
you can try not to hurt others
because you know how it feels to be hurt
i can churn out more feelings from my heart but if i do, then i cant sleep today!!
because i have already lost many nights of sleep thinking about the same!!....

please do not ask me why i have written this article line by line , point by point!!
but please say whether what i told was true or not!!....
because only the person who was hurt can understand a hurt person's feeling.
feedback's are welcome!!......


  1. This is how it happens... It has happened with me and from last 3 years, I am struggling for a reply from her..

  2. feelings straight from the heart...absolutely true..

  3. things will get better if people speak out freely what they feel.... but they dont!!
    its difficult to understand them....!!

  4. going through this phase of life and really it hurts

  5. yeah.... it takes a toll on our mental health!!....

  6. i know too how it feels.Yes i also know that nothing happens out of nothing. My own experience tells me that each time i have wittingly or unwittingly done something wrong...the wrongs come back to me with a vengeance.
    But it is human to err. My endeavor too like you have said is to do unto others what you would have others do unto you but still...
    Try and cheer up if u can i know it's easy to say...but that's all i can say for the time being.
    BTW what i just told u holds for me too for currently i am undergoing the same pain as you...someone has ignored me too...someone very dear to me and very close to me and my heart too is choking with unshed tears.
    So u see u r not i am sharing the same pain.
    Pls visit my blogs too just to know how i combat with all this.
    Divert ur mind to something which makes u me it works.:)

  7. yes its very difficult...
    i miss something in life now.... now its difficult to plug that emptiness in my life but as time passes other things will definitely do that..... but it may take many months for that feeling to fade and i dunno whether it will fade completely!.... and thanks for sharing ur experiences :) :)

  8. a person with so true feelings... she is a loser to lose a person like u.
    it has happened for me many times
    1st time i felt the same 2nd time i felt better
    after that i became used to it!! as u said this is life
    the girl must be a fool and she would have gone behind some of those flirts. they will suffer later and regret their mistakes!!
    nice to see something which i felt!!

  9. :-) :-) hope the concerned person realizes :D

  10. Blaze....this is my first visit to your blog and what I find here!!!! I found myself in this post of yours. My God, I was thinking have I written this?Line by line, point by point you have sketched what I have gone through. I too was stuck in a war with myself..whether to forget & move on, or try to clear the things up with my friends, and I have learnt its no harm in asking people if I done some harm to them & hence their behaviour ....but you know the best thing is to MOVE ON sometimes...and leave everything behind (so hard, I know)....

    But never ever stop believing in people and trying to settle things first. I wish you good friends, love and peace of mind.


  11. @shaifali....
    thank u very much....
    usually 'time' is the deciding factor of all these things....
    as time passes we will be move on.... though we may miss something in life we will have other things to fill in the gap!!....


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