Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bangalore is now tout-galore

Parking woes!!

I never imagined Parking vehicle in Bangalore would be so tough!!

recently the government had said that with an exception of two places parking charges would not be charged anywhere in Bangalore.

i just parked my vehicle in a public complex in bangalore.i remembered well what the govt had announced.so i just went to shop for some books.but unfortunately i did not get it.so i just returned to pick up my vehicle when a little boy handed over a pink ticket asking me to pay 30 bucks!i was shocked.when i questioned him, he told me that he had the authority to collect the parking charge in public places as the BDA[Bangalore development authority] had given his boss the contract for 3 years!!and when i remarked that i had just parked my vehicle for about 10 minutes, he told that he saw me enter the building 3 hours ago!!.....and if i failed to give him the money he would inform his boss.

i just told him to bring his 'boss'. but ALAS!!his boss turned out to be  a DRUNK-HUGE FOUL-MOUTHED LOCAL GOON!!i just paid the money and went out of sight!....

i don't mind paying a one time sultry sum of thirty bucks!but imagine the fate of ppl who happened to visit there daily!!

i am sure that the goons will be having contact with the local politicians!!

but what to do? we only have the rights to vote!!and not to question the politicians.....
legally you can do that but not if you want to live peacefully!!.........


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