Monday, December 20, 2010

In the name of Secularity!!....[and other social issues]

In the last few days,the Congress party is specifically targeting Hindus with their insensitive statements hurting the Hindu sentiments. If they are a secular party, then why should they bat for minorities?They are still under the notion that the word 'secular' in India means anything except Hinduism. if they are really a secular party then they must preserve the rights of Hindus too. they must work for the people in general and not based on their religion.
Rahul Ghandi proudly told the US envoy that saffron terror is more dangerous than the world famous LeT!! as if the US authorities don't know LeT!! A lesser known person called Digvijay Singh also spoke his heart against Hinduism and RSS....!! Thanks to that hate speech, he is universally famous. It has become a trend to speak bad of our country or religion to gain popularity among these politicians. Will the minorities keep quiet if their religion is spoken in a bad light??.... it would cause riots and more...!! The casual attitude of Hindus has caught the attention of the congress party!!
According to my opinion, all the religions in India live with peace and harmony. But political parties create rifts between them for the sake of VOTES!!...VOTE BANK POLICIES!!.... and to help these 'secular' parties, many minority organizations tell their people to fight for their religion. They issue fatwas to encourage this trend. But what to do?.... Only Hindus have a casual attitude toward their culture and religion because of which political parties take advantage of this situation and sell our country to Pakistan, China and Sri Lanka...If the people get angry they gift them color television sets and rice at rs.2/kg. People fail to understand the reason behind these schemes.
 A samajwadi party person said that congress has only one Muslim candidate[nabi azad] who is from kashmir and not from india. What does this mean?? does Kashmir belong to Pakistan?? even if it is liberated from india, i am 100% sure that it would support its accession to Pakistan. Kashmir was once a place with Kashmiri pundits who were great scholars. these honorable scholars are pushed out to make place for dishonorable terrorists who sneak into Kashmir from Pakistan.
When Tamils in sri lanka claimed the northern portion of the country, did the sri lankan government appoint interlocutors to investigate the matter?. sri lankan Tamils claimed that they came there before the Sinhalese [ i dond know whether its the truth] But the sri lankan government with the help of UPA finished off the ltte dominance exactly after UPA won the polls. do you know why? DMK was an alliance of congress. dmk promised freedom to Tamils during the polls. so after the dmk party won the polls, they never even spoke about the killing of the civilians during the war. Even today DMK is mum on the issue. What happened to their peomises before the elections?? Who cares??..........COLOR TV'S DELIVERED!! then why worry??.... even today the civilians are suffering.
When Rajapakse visited england, even foreigners joined the Tamil activist against him visit for his alleged war crimes!! But tamil nadu's CM welcomed him to visit and explore tamil nadu!! So this shows the attitude of politicians towards the people
why care about it??......color tv's delivered!!
When Sri Lanka fought against a terrorist outfit like ltte, why does India fear to fight those separatists who cause a lot of mayhem in India?? we should not give any options to them. we must say them to either live in India or live elsewhere. we should not encourage their views and the government must be stern in this regard.
otherwise like Nehru, who gave away our precious land to china[the kailash ranges and manasarovar lake which has a special meaning to Hindus] these people would make us part with Kashmir too. 
our history teacher used to say that when the people returned from kailash ranges to India, the Chinese authorities would check their bags to find whether anyone has taken away the stone pieces which are said to be ores of gold. it is very shameful to give away our lord shiva's abode to an atheist country and wait for them to approve our visas to visit our own land. the same happens for manosarovar lake too
i want to ask who gave these politicians the authority to donate our land. is Kashmir their ancestral property?? or did they buy it??  to give away for political gains?? it is the property of Bharatha!! even if the people of India wish to give it away they cant. because it belongs to the mighty rulers who built Bharatha and the gods who bless our nation.
  India is the only country which appoints interlocutors to probe the issue when the whole of india wants kashmir to remain with india!!....
Regarding the Karnataka crisis, the government and the people wish to bring about a "anti-cow slaughter" law into force preventing the  people from eating beef. The congress governor is again not passing the bill to support minorities. for them, the minority's luxury is more important than the majorities' sentiments!!
they should not forget that they are living in India, the place of the divine where they are supposed to respect all kinds of creature. But you can expect this from people who don't respect the human raced itself!! 


  1. very true. the worst thing is that just these speeches will cause more people to migrate to saffron brigade.

  2. this will make the peaceful hindus think the jihad way!!
    these ppl can convert a sadhu into an soldier

  3. still now we kept quiet listening to all this nonsense made by congress wat does an italian know about our country or religion she herself is a Christian . Its good tat we fight for our religion now .

  4. its good man but i think it needs even more wiedespread approach and interconnection with rahul gandhi, sonia christ, badmaash moili and other nonsense people's baseless talks interconnected well with this issue . isnt it ?

  5. yes sir...
    the paid news system is encouraging their propaganda!!


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