Friday, December 31, 2010

Things to look out for in 2011

2010 has been a year of sports... FIFA world cup, Commonwealth games and Asian games being the most memorable. But The grandest event with respect to Indian youth - ICC WORLD CUP in gonna happen in 2011!!
India is one of the top teams in the cricket world and Australia has lost its sheen. South Africa looks great in form and are very dangerous. we still remember the humiliation with the loss to Bangladesh in the previous world cup. so its better not to be over confident with the minnows. they may strike any time. we also have chennai open, the only ATP event held in India in the second week of January.
there are lots of movies which are slated for release in 2011. the much hyped dhobi ghat is going to be released in January. rajni's hara which is supposed to be a 3d film is going to be released in the mid-2011. i am happy that hara is released just few months after robot. usually rajni gives a break of 2-3 years before releasing his next film. we also have don2 and the much hyped, starring  SRK as a super hero in this film. the most remarkable part of is about akon's music in it.
we have IPL4 this year with 10 teams..!! we have to wait and watch how it turns over. IPL auctions are to be held in Bangalore in January which will see strength of the two new ipl teams as most of the senior players except Rahul Dravid and Ganguly have been retained by their former franchise.  i hope this year will unfold many suspenses and surprises as once again this year will turn out to be the most important year for the students appearing for board exams,JEE, AIEEE  etc., as it will be the deciding factor for their future role.
so lets welcome the year 2011 with josh. Taking new year resolutions are a habit which are supposed to be strictly followed for a day or two and then diluted to our convenience. so Happy New Year 2011 everybody!!

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