Sunday, January 23, 2011


Actors' statements... [in a political veiw]

During debut...i would respect cm as pitaji, as mataji..and home minister as uncleji..i need their valuable support to showcase my acting skills.
[He is a full-time actor ]

After ten films.. Politics and me? Never..

After 20 films..i cant be a politician but if my fans want me to,i definitely will..

After 30 films i will start a new organization to engage in social service.
[he is in the verge of transformation from an actor to a politician.... ]

After 40 films, why cant my organization enter politics?...
[ is transforming into a politician]

50 films later...i want to beame to chief minister,i would pledge support to any party willing to make me the chief minister..
[He is a complete politician... !!!!]

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