Tuesday, February 15, 2011

India deserves Democracy!!

India deserves democracy!! For the namesake, india is the largest democracy!!but in practice its dictatorship under democracy in india. Sounds strange?it may...but thats the truth. People are covered with a blanket that prevents them from accessing truth. With the help of various agencies and media,you can bring out the truth but the powerful will ensure that you wont live long.whats more??even police would help them!! If you really want to argue that india is a democracy then just go and bring out the dirty truth about your local politician and you would have it from them.powerful organizations like cbi is controlled by the ruling government. They can change the script!! Just imagine that there is a thief roaming in your area and If you keep giving him a clue that the police are going to catch him,wont he go and hide somewhere?? the same way,even after the news channels brought out the matter of 2g scam it took more than a year for the government to take real action on the culprits.by this time, the scamsters would be smart enough to clear all the evidences. Democracy means 'by the people,of the people and for the people' but here its not a government 'by the people' and 'of the people'.people are treated like humans only before the elections.and the common man does not interfere in the government matters. It cannot become the government 'for the people'as its a government for the rich and the powerful. government is still protecting the people who have swiss bank accounts.our government lies that the accounts are inaccessible but the truth is they are very much accessible.even the swiss authorities have said that they are co operating with our government.but the govt is not interested in getting the money back. As mr.cho and mr.gurumurthy said in a program,there are bank accounts in the name of sonia gandhi,rahul gandhi and that even rajiv had one. Its also clear that all the politicians would be having an account. When they themselves have accounts,will they reveal it?will they dig their own grave?i don't think they would do that.Indians have about 1.3 trillion dollars in swiss banks. This money can make India better that USA in both defense and infrastructure but the power people have in usa cannot be dreamt of in india until and unless the politicians stop behaving like feudal lords. Most of the murders are committed by politicians for their own gains and they are the biggest robbers and its an old news for us. Anyway all their sins are forgotten if they give you free TV's or waive farmers' loans. Maybe farmers dare to commit suicide, But educated middle class people who face harassment from money lenders and banks for the repayment of loans are matured enough to chose suffering over suicide. Because they know that even if they commit suicide,the govt wont do anything for them and with their family losing the sole breadwinner they are bound to increase their sufferings. The middle class is the most affected lot in India. I hope things change for the silenced lot in India. The main reason for India's 'developing county' status is democracy. Because, only the loopholes in democracy are put to use in India. If India had been ruled by a strong willed person like SC Bose or any revolutionary for whom nation was above everything, India would have attained superpower long back. I can call it as inefficient implementation of democracy. But thanks to press power, we are reclaiming democratic ideals but beware of paid news!!


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