Sunday, April 3, 2011

IPL::The Emotional Twist!!

"I have seen EPL,but whats IPL??" a foreigner would ask. But the answer is that....IPL is an cricket remake of EPL!...not bad....
Its just a collection of teams named after different places with the combination of different players from around the world!!.....
But the people tend to give IPL an regional-istic it correct? my answer would be no.because the team members consists of players from all over the world and they have just named the team after a particular place. that doesn't mean that the people can insult a team for the region it represents!!.... generally the players just play for money without any emotional attachment with their team. but this is not same on the case of their fans.
accordingly,IPL is  more than cricket!!
Its an healthy replacement to TV soaps!! denying!...
usually people watch TV soaps or news during their leisure they have started watching IPL.Thats something we need to appreciate .......

but now, IPL has hit the headlines for Modi and Tharoor controversies.Nobody must have expected this!!
But the people have realized that its just a business.... but its a late realization.Cricket seems to be a better business than film making. You dont have to spend much time and no risks are involved. the returns are guaranteed for your investments.
The emotional twist

though the fans know that its just a business, they tend to build an emotional attachment with their teams. they cry for their team if it loses and celebrate its victory with a toast!! but if you visit the fan pages of these teams in social networking sites, you can see the fans of one team abusing the fans of the other team. but this doesn't end with its fans. they even abuse the people of the city/state which their IPL team represents. this is certainly an unhealthy trend. when i visited an IPL team's community in orkut, i was not impressed by the abuses hurled at my state, people and my language too. in turn,you tend to hate the city whose people abused you. regionalism which is considered to be a social evil, is being fed with porridge in the form of the IPL.
even today, you can visit one of the RCB community on orkut, where its fans use the deadliest of the words to hurt the people of their rival city. But i make it a point that, just because some hooligans abuse me, i shouldn't hate my hometown, Bangalore. we must just watch and enjoy the game. the feelings shouldn't bloom into hatred which in the long run can prove to be a bane.


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