Friday, April 22, 2011

Where is India's head??!!

We may proudly sing our national anthem aloud but its losing significance as 'kashmir' is being eaten up not only by pakistan and china, but even by western websites!!

 I found the distorted map of india in HP website which did not even bother to include the disputed status. I actually thought of posting the pictures from HP and other international websites. But there is not point in doing so as all of the international website seems to be against India. Untill ABV was the prime minister, Indians had some hope in this issue but the present government seems to be least interested in protecting the valley. Even though the army chief had reported about the extensive chinese presence in PoK, the union government is sleeping on this issue. It has mentioned that it knew about the chinese domination but did not do anytime to stop it. Now the government is very busy derailing the jan lok pal bill and covering up all the scams. they will rake up this issue only during the next assembly elections.
But i never expected the most trusted website, Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia to do the same. here are some pictures from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia showing Pok as a part of Pakistan and Aksai Chin as a part of China.

Wikipedia showing Pok as a disputed area in Indian map.

Why international websites??....a government itself had posted this map in one of its official websites. it was also reported in deccan chronicle.
How can the Indian government support the illegal occupation of other countries??.... does it not amount to showing disrespect to the Indian constitution?? 

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