Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mockery Of faith

Mockery of faith

I know that the people have faith in different things.but the way the people exhibit their faith is interesting,but at times, its disgusting. But the most sinful of all is the mockery of faith by people for their personal convenience But at times we pardon such people as they do it to feed themselves with basic amenities like food and shelter.but that doesn't mean that we must encourage them. But whats irritating is the people's perception of their ''magical powers''!! In the first place i would like to discuss about the people begging at the signals wearing god's symbols and carrying some powerful deity's pictures and idols. No one knows whether they are genuine worshippers or just part time businessmen,but we do put them a small amount of money if they look very needy. But what about fat people begging?my friends put cash to a fat guy begging near my college.when i asked them,they said that he would curse us and that he was also looking very strange. Today when i was eating with my friend at a road side eatery, a middle aged guy with long hair dressed in rags came near us and started abusing our whole family with the choicest of the foul words available at the local slum bazaar. If it was a student,he would have been given nicely by everyone,but this guy was looking very poor. If he had just came begging i would have given him my spare change but i did not like his style of begging. I saw that he went near every person and did the same thing. They immediately gave him money. I did not understand this strange concept. If i ask some of my school friends who hailed from a local village, they would have definitely given me an explanation. But as far as i don't ignore the local customs even after being aware about it,i am fine!! This is nothing!! These people are not physically harming us. But what about the hijras at the signal who exploit every autorikshaw passenger who refuse them ten bucks!!they do some mischief even after giving them money. My friends used to tell that when they curse,it would materialize.but i did not believe in it.but initially i felt uneasy when they scolded us. There is nothing wrong when we give them some money on humanitarian grounds but they should not misuse the fear people have on them and harass the people. We also see people wearing sacred identities of gods and beg on the streets. Its simply the mockery of faith in the grassroot level.they are misusing the faith people have in them and because of them,few genuine worshipers are looked down.they are also few indications to be followed by the devotees of all the gods and these people don't adhere by those standards and they insult the faith by doing so....
Hence, we must discourage these people who are also responsible for the exploitation of young kids. generally such people hire new born babies for Rs100 a day and beg with them at the signals. i heard that these babies are not fed and made to undergo a lot of difficulties. its time to adopt a rationalistic approach towards these kinds of things to move forward.


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