Thursday, July 22, 2010

Seriousness is like the seasons of a year!!

Seriousness is like the seasons in a year......
if u are serious in certain things, u can have ur way,
but u may lose what u have got  if ur serious on (certain) unimportant things....!!
experience determines your character
u can resist few things in life which can spoil your character and wealth.
smoking is one such example.
If ur seriously interested in smoking then u are going to lose your health and wealth!!
but one thing can be more injurious to health than smoking....
That is love.....

''Love is like cigarette!..... Resist ur heart for 5 mins to save ur life!! 

Smoking is injurious to life!! Remember......!!''

It can give you happiness for the moment.
but it may turn sour in the later part of your life
so it is better to resist yourself from it untill you have full confidence in it....!!
for those momentary happiness you should not sacrifice your whole life....
if u do, then after many years you will remember nothing but bad, sour and empty memories, which makes you remember the dark days you suffered from the after effects of your bad love rather than the small amount of happiness you have derived from it.

so better find better things to source your seriousness. 
as i said before seriousness is like the seasons in a year.
every season your interest changes.
if not yours, then your loved one's may change.
when your interest changes, your seriousness in that particular interest varies.
when the seriousness varies you may flung into massive depression.
to avoid this we must limit our seriousness in all the things
we must live our life rather than getting committed to the things which may not be constant.
so the saying Seriousness is like the seasons in a year finds its proof here!!....

note::1) this equation is derived from my experiences, your experiences may be different ; so are ur views!! 
        2) take this lightly ; don't be very serious about this!! 

Oh four seasons!!........
It seems like 4 different likes...
It sounds like 4 different characters...
Commitment is like seasons indeed!!

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