Saturday, July 17, 2010

The world with/without love!!

One good question may be ''what is the total population of this world?" to this question, only estimates are available. no one can say the exact answer. even if they find it out, there are many births and deaths in a day which would not support the answer.

another answer which cannot be answered is '' how many people in this world are in love?'' this can prove to be a million dollar question as few people themselves don't know that they are in love. so a third person cannot guess this answer.

we generally end up letters and messages with the sentence " with love ". but hardly a handful of people really mean it. others use it for the sake of formality.
we see love in movies, dramas and novels but how can we really experience it??
the answer is simple
love yourself!!
the best thing you can do in this world is to love yourself. how many people do you think like themselves?? you may say that the answer is variable. but I'd prefer to say that 99% of the people like themselves more than anything else. but the problem is that they don't realize it. if you like someone and you are prepared to do anything for that person, you like yourself so much that you do not want be disappointed by seeing the person unhappy. you may argue that it is a matter of sympathy. but there is no place for sympathy when you don't like yourself. because, again you are being sympathetic to avoid disappointment to yourself. you cant be selfless sanyasis who don't eat properly and are dressed in barks because they have renounced the world. if everybody becomes a saint then would would lead the world? so its not possible to say that everybody doesn't love themselves. but there are a select sect of people who live for the sake of living without enjoying their precious life. they are neither saints nor the people who say they don't like themselves. they are the people who tell aloud that they like themselves more than others but don't follow it. these people often fall in a bad love and get their hearts and brains demolished. they eat without relishing the food and laugh without realizing the joke. these people love their loved ones more than themselves. i can't deny the fact that they don't love themselves. because they spoil their lives just for the sake of their love. but i mean to say that they love their 'loved ones' more than themselves!!.... its all fine i their 'loved ones' care for them. or at least don't hurt them. but they do. they do kill these people. they live their life without enjoyment and die in despair. to prevent all these things what is the solution??????........

the answer is love yourself more than anyone else in this world but not at the cost of other's life!! do not respect the people who don't care for you and hurt you without any sentiments. love them, but not at the cost of your life and time. with every passing minute you become older. the older you are the more feeble you become. and by the time you realize that, it will be too late. but better late than never....!! realize that you must not spoil you life for anything before its too late!!......
so love yourself and live your only life in a precious and unique way for yourself and your well-wishers and not for the sake of those who doesn't deserve your love!!
so...Love Yourself.... you will love everyone!!.....

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